Physiotherapy in your home

Therapy is always goal based to ensure we are covering areas that are important to you to help you achieve activities and participation that you want to be able to do. Whether you aim to get from your bed to your chair, or be able to walk around the park, we’ll set achievable goals and timeframes together, and we will continuously review them as you progress.

Throughout your rehabilitation you will be reviewed and reassessed. There will come a time when your goals are either all achieved, or a discussion will be had regarding outstanding goals that may no longer be realistic. At this point your rehabilitation will either be reduced or you will be discharged from therapy, but this will be discussed with you in detail before a decision is made. A maintenance program can be set up for longer term management, however it is important that expectations are clear and realistic in these situations.

concluding rehab

The frequency of your sessions will be variable and will depend on your needs and/or your preference. They will normally have a duration of 60 minutes, especially in the initial stages. Home exercises will be tailored and given to you to do in between therapy sessions to maximise your rehabilitation.

If you’d like, family and friends are welcome to be involved in your sessions, and to help you with your home program.​

A personal assessment will be carried out on the first visit, where problems and goals will be discussed. We will also identify how the setup and equipment in your home can benefit you, as well as offering advice on how to improve your environment to make your life as easy as possible. A physical assessment will also be carried out to establish where your problem areas are and to guide therapy sessions going forward.

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